The program of the workshops was structured taking into account the expectations of the oriental dance community in Bucharest and is rich and diverse. Our Oriental Dream 2019 teachers are Leila, our main international special guest star and Elmas, the organizer of the event.

Leila will teach a workshop about technique and combinations, an energetic choreography from the Egyptian folklore and a modern oriental choreography for all tastes.

Elmas will teach a workshop about rhythms with a small choreography on live music, accompanied by Elias with his live darbouka, one of the most appreciated percussionists in Bucharest.

Leila’s first two workshops and Elmas’ workshop are open level and address to everyone, who has some basic technical oriental dance knowledge, whereas Leila’s last workshop requires intermediate level knowledge.

The workshops areaddressed to both professional dancers, oriental dance teachers and students.



Friday, 17th of May

19:00 – 21:00 Leila’s world of technique and combinations (open level)

In this workshop, Leila will guide you through tips and tricks that she uses in her dance, that will spice up your dance performance. We will be going through various techniques that we will be putting into combinations, that will be practiced on different pieces of music. There will be no choreography, but you will be able to use a lot of the combinations taught to create your own pieces of art. The workshop concept is created in such a way that all level dancers can follow it, as there will be layers and details to be added, according to your own level and preference, however at least basic technique knowledge is required.

Saturday, 18th of May

10:00 – 12:00 Saidi Party – choreography (open level)

Are you ready for a lot of energy and you being the boss of the stage? Ready or not, saidi is coming! We will be going through steps and combinations that will be put up together in an eye catching, dynamic, captivating choreography, that you will be able to perform on any type of occasion, either as a solo dance, either in your group. Powerful, earthy, bossy and fun! DO not miss this! The workshop is open for all levels, even though at least basic technique knowledge is required.

12:30 – 14:00 Darbouka cocktail cu Elmas și Elias – choreography (open level)

Darbouka, the most famous percussion instrument in oriental dance, which invites immediately the audience on the dance ring and fills the atmosphere with energy, will be our best friend at this workshop. With Elias’ help, one of the most appreciated percussionists in Bucharest, we will study basic rhythms, learn dance combinations on them and practice on live music. Together with Elmas we will combine the dance steps in a mini-choregraphy on darbouka live music. The workshop is open for all levels, but at least basic technique knowledge is required.

Sunday, 19th of May

10:00 – 12:00 Modern oriental dance – choreography (at least intermediate level)

If this workshop could be described in few words only, they would be: power, elegance, feelings, sass and class. Technique and combinations combined together into an eye catching choreography, that would please even the most demanding audience. This workshop requires minimum of intermediate dance level.

The workshops will take place at the Dance School Joie de Vivre, Calea Călărași, Nr.161, Etaj 5, Sector 3, Bucharest.



1 workshop Leila: 180 lei

1 workshop Elmas: 120 lei

BRONZE package                (1 workshop Leila + workshop Elmas): 280 lei

SILVER package                   (2 workshops Leila): 340 lei

SILVER PLUS package        (2 workshops Leila + workshop Elmas): 440 lei

GOLD package                      (3 workshops Leila): 500 lei

GOLD PLUS package           (3 workshops Leila + workshop Elmas): 600 lei


Don’t miss the DISCOUNT PRICES for paying until the 30th of April:

1 workshop Leila: 160 lei

1 workshop Elmas: 100 lei

BRONZE package                (1 workshop Leila + workshop Elmas): 240 lei

SILVER package                   (2 workshops Leila): 300 lei

SILVER PLUS package        (2 workshops Leila + workshop Elmas): 380 lei

GOLD package                       (3 workshops Leila): 440 lei

GOLD PLUS package            (3 workshops Leila + workshop Elmas): 520 lei


Entries shall be made by paying 50% of the value of the workshops and the difference will be paid the latest on the day of the workshop! The paid amount cannot be refunded after confirmation of participation!

For the participants who travel from cities outside of Bucharest especially for the Oriental Dream workshops, a discount of 30% to the above packages will be applied.

Don’t miss an unique opportunity to study in Bucharest with Leila of Serbia, one of the most appreciated teachers in Europe and all over the world.


For more information and registration at the workshops:

Elmas Menacai

Tel: 0724 607 016