Welcome on the webpage of Oriental Dream Festival, the first festival of oriental dance in Romania!

Between the 20th and 22nd of March 2020 we have the pleasure to invite you to the 7th edition of the Oriental Dream Festival Bucharest, an event organised by Elmas, which is addressed to the oriental dance community in Romania.

Since the previous editions of the Oriental Dream Festival have enjoyed lots of success and have grown thanks to the appreciation from the lovers of oriental dance, Elmas has prepared a new surprise for the 2020 edition!

Therefore, a big surprise for the development of oriental dance in Romania, for the first time in our country, an internationally appreciated dancer, teacher and choreographer, will make us the pleasure and the honour to be the special guest star and master teacher of the event: Kristina Derkach (Ukraine / Egypt). One of the most demanded and admired dancers in Ukraine, with a pure Egyptian style, charismatic, passionate and full of energy, with a huge experience in the oriental dance world, Kristina Derkach will teach oriental dance workshops in Bucharest and dance in the Oriental Dream Gala Show!

The event includes a diversified program of workshops for all levels (teachers, professional dancers and students) and a qualitative gala show!

We are looking forward to welcoming you and thank you for supporting us!



Kristina Derkach

Kristina Derkach is born in Kiev, Ukraine. She is an internationally recognized and appreciated dancer, choreographer and teacher and travels around the world to share her knowledge and passion for the art of oriental dance. She is also a judge in many international competitions and the organizer of the biggest oriental dance festivals in Ukraine, “Al Hayat Festival”.

Kristina has a big experience as an oriental dancer in many Arabic countries. She currently lives in Egypt and dances on the most important stages of the country, from where all the teachers who have inspired her come from and from whom she learned most of the dance knowledge she has now.

In the last years, Kristina has become one of the most demanded dancers on the stage of oriental dance in Asia (Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, The Emirates), America (United States, Brasil) and Europe (Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic, France, Ukraine, etc. )

In the past she was a successful participant at numerous competitions around the world, won tens of prizes at some of the biggest festivals in the world, especially in Egypt, Spain, Greece, Poland, Korea, etc. Currently she is part of the Kazafy Troupe Greece, led by Mohammed Kazafy, one of the most important teachers of Egyptian oriental dance in the world.

Kristina is famous for her passion, her unbelievable strong energy, her Egyptian technique and at the same time her sensuality and feminity.

In March, Kristina will come in Romania and teach in her pure Egyptian style!

With great joy we present our next special guest and teacher at our festival, Alya from Oradea!

Alya discovered oriental dance 10 years ago, but she had already loved music and dance as a child. In January 2013, she founded in Oradea the first oriental dance school “Orientalya Dance Academy”, and in 2016 she organized the first edition of the international oriental dance festival, “Magic Bellydance Festival – Romania”.

Alya, an oriental dance instructor & choreographer, characterized by professionalism and a dance style full of grace, femininity and elegance is internationally recognized, both as a teacher and as a jury in competitions.

She strongly believes in the evolution of the oriental dance art in Romania as well. That is why she has made every effort to share to the people the true art of oriental dance through numerous performances, and especially to the women the joy and benefits of oriental dance through weekly courses, as well as through its dance courses specially designed for children.

One of her favorite quotes is: “Dance from the soul and love the music and the audience will love you!”

At Oriental Dream Alya will teach a technique workshop and also dance at the Oriental Dream Gala Show! Let us welcome her with great joy!

Elmas is the only Romanian oriental dancer with Turkish and Tatar origins, and her name means diamond in the Turkish language. With a degree in Performing Arts and Choreography, Elmas is an oriental dance teacher and set up the Elmas Oriental Dance Studio in 2013 in Bucharest.

Over the last 12 years, Elmas has been learning the art of oriental dance, training with international teachers and dancers from around the world and studying intense individually.

She is one of the first oriental dancers in Romania who has participated in international festivals and competitions of oriental dance since 2009. Elmas won in 2015 the 3rd place in the International Championship “Oriental Passion” in Greece – Solo Adult Category and 2nd place at the “Hezz Ya Wezz” International Championship in Bulgaria in 2017 and 1st place at Bucharest Dance Festival in May 2019 with her dance troupe, Elmas Dance Group. Her dance school’s student won in 2019 several prizes at international prestigious competitions and festivals.

Through her work, Elmas supports the authentic Egyptian oriental dance, wants to educate the audience in Romania by drawing attention to the misconceptions and prejudices with which this dance is viewed, she wants to find other oriental dance art lovers like her to share her passion with. The universe of Oriental dance expresses in the best way her emotions and feelings, it is a world in which Elmas can express herself freely and without inhibitions, a world in which she finds peace, confidence and freedom.