Oriental Dream Competition (editions 2013 and 2014) was open to instructors, dancers, professionals and advanced students.

In the 2013 edition there was one single category, namely the adult category, and one jury member Wael Mansour and the 2014 edition consisted of 3 categories: amateur dancers, professional dancers and group category, and we had 2 members in the jury, Wael Mansour and Anastasia Chernovskaya.


The main purpose of this competition was to encourage oriental dance in Romania to approach the international standards. The participants had the opportunity to gain experience and training, to progress and practice their creativity and, last but not least, to help promoting locally the oriental dance as an authentic artistic act.

The competition focused on the artistic interpretation and personality expressed in the movement. Criteria for judging were the technique, choreography, music interpretation, compliance with the music style, communication with the audience, image, dance costume.


The main prize was every year a full package of workshops at the International Festival Mazagat in Bari offered by Wael Mansour. The winners also received packages of workshops at the next editions of the festival, dance costumes and accessories, as well as diplomas signed by the members of the jury and medals.

Winners of the 2014 Edition

Amateur Category

  1. Hadia’h
    2. Anisa
    3. Mona

Group Category

  1. Kamelia Oriental Group

Professional Category

  1. Noelia



Winners of the 2013 Edition

  1. Alina
  2. Amira
  3. Cvetina Danova (Bulgaria)