The organizer of Oriental Dream Weekend 2019 is the Romanian dancer Elmas, the founder of Elmas Oriental Dance Studio in Bucharest (www.elmas-dans-oriental.ro).

Elmas continues on her own the tradition of the Oriental Dream Events, tradition that started with the first edition of the event in 2011.

The organizer of the previous events is the Association for the Development of Oriental Dance, founded by Cintia Petrescu and Elmas Menacai. The wish to organise an oriental dance festival in Romania was born in 2008, after Cintia and Elmas attended the most important oriental dance festival in Egypt, Nile Group Festival in Cairo.

Seeing so many Egyptian dancers and teachers sharing the secrets of oriental dance and Egyptian folklore with hundreds of students and dancers from all over the world and realizing the high level to which this dance is internationally performed, Cintia wished to bring home in Romania, the joy and beauty of this dance and also help develop its technique on a long term.

Although Cintia is actually a dentist and oriental dance was only a hobby at the beginning, she took courage and contacted an internationally recognised dancer and choreographer, who accepted her proposal to come in Romania and become the special guest star of the editions 2011-2014: Wael Mansour. Therefore, Wael Mansour was the first Egyptian teacher to teach oriental dance and Egyptian folklore, to bring knowledge and basic oriental dance technique in Romania.

This is how an idea, born within the soul of a dancer who wished to share her passion and joy for oriental dance with all those who appreciate the Egyptian culture and art, has grown and transformed into a festival who reached its fourth edition in 2014. All the years round, Cintia had the help and support from Elmas, who decided in 2013 to join the team and get involved in all the organisational aspects so that the festival reaches its success. The 2014 edition had a second special guest star from Moscow, Anastasia Chernovskaia, who also brought deep knowledge about the oriental dance style mostly performed in Russia. After a two year break, the event was resumed for its 5th edition in 2017 and had as a special guest star one of the most appreciated dancers, teachers and choreographers from Bulgaria, Nadejda Stoykova. And in 2019 Elmas resumes Oriental Dream Weekend for its 6th edition with her soul teacher and the most appreciated teachers in Europe, Leila of Serbia.

Our special guest stars permanently supported the organisers and contributed essentially to the development of the knowledge and dance technique in our country. All the workshops brought together students from oriental dance schools, professional dancers and instructors from Bucharest and all over the country.

Oriental Dream Festival is the first oriental dance festival organised in Romania (2011), which enjoyed appreciation from its very first edition, both from the participants at the workshops and the audience at the gala show, which counted more than 200 persons every year. Despite the very low media support and lack of sponsors, the festival drew the attention and the interest of the lovers of this dance. The gala shows and the performances of every edition impressed through quality and variety.

The organisers put a lot of heart in this project and, despite the difficulties and challenges encountered along the way, we managed to bring in front of the Romanian audience elements from the Egyptian world of oriental dance. We believe that the existence of this festival has a big say in the history of bellydance in Romania. We want to thank all those people who supported us along the way. We promise that the festival will keep serving its main goal, namely to unite the bellydance community in Romania and therefore change wrong mindsets and prejudices, which the Romanian audience is mostly fed up with.