2019 edition

After a one year break, Oriental Dream Festival was resumed in 2019 by the organizer Elmas. She saw her dream fulfilled because she managed to bring Leila of Serbia in Romania, the teacher who inspired and motivated her mostly in her last study years.

Leila was very appreciated in Romania for her incredible energy, her strong presence, her elegance and inspirational teaching methods.

She taught 3 workshops in Romania. In her first workshop Leila went through various techniques that she put into inspirational combinations, a starting point to create individual choreographic creations. The workshop concept was created in such a way that all level dancers could follow it, as there where layers and details to be added, according to their own level and preferences. The second workshop was a catchy, dynamic, captivating choreography of Egyptian Saidi, where the participants learned steps and combinations in a very energetic and fun way. The third workshop could only be described through power, elegance, feelings, sass and class. Technique and combinations combined together into an eye catching choreography, that would please even the most demanding audience.

Elmas also taught a live percussion choreography together with Elias from Bucharest, where the participants studied the basic rhythms, learned dance combinations and practiced them on live music.

On the stage of Oriental Dream Gala Show, which took place at Palatul Copiilor in Bucharest, there was a lot of variety, not only different oriental dance schools from Romania, but also other dance styles (for example Bollywood). The audience could see solo performances, as well as group moments from a wide range of traditional folkloric styles (shaabi, khaleegy, saidi, hagalla), classical Egyptian (Oum Khaltoum, romantic tarab, modern lyrical), oriental dance styles with modern influences or from other dance styles (oriental tango, oriental flamenco, mystical veil dance), the very popular drum solo, dance with props (veil, fan veils, led ISIS wings, led fan veils).


The surprises of the evening were:

– a live percussion moment by Elias & Elmas for the delight and joy of the audience

– a lyrical duet by the leaders of Oriental Delight Dance School and Elmas Oriental Dance Studio from Bucharest, Cerasela Hekman and Elmas

– a very energetic moment of the only Indian dance group from Bucharest, IndraDanceGroup

– the international presence of the famous dancer Warda of Bulgaria and her dance group Dance Center Fantasia

– live music and singing moment accompanied by the Egyptian instrument oud, performed by the artist Ramy Fares together with the singer Florentina Barbu

Therefore, a tradition that started in 2011 and continued in 2019 with the support of all the community in Bucharest and outside the capital city. A soul project, to which the organizers dedicated year after year, a lot of time, energy and passion. At each and every edition, not only the artists, but also th organizers, saw a successful show, a dream come true, artists of the oriental dance community reunited on the same stage.

Oriental Dream Festival 2019 was a special edition, organised by Elmas, an edition where one could see the soul and the dedication of all the community. The result was a colourful show, passion, smiles, energy, relaxation, recreation,  warmth and communication with the audience.