2014 edition

The 4th edition of Oriental Dream Festival in Bucharest between the 9th -11th of May 2014 was a successful one, mainly due to the two international guests who have honoured us with their presence, Wael Mansour and Anastasia Chernovskaya, thanks to the students in the workshops, to the brave participants in the competition, to the highly skilled artists from the Oriental Dream Gala and of course thanks to the warm audience.


The Oriental Dream Gala Show performances demonstrated that oriental dance in Romania has significantly increased over the recent years. We intended to change mentalities, to bring the feeling of authentic in front of the audience, to improve and enrich the oriental dance technique practiced in Romania, to create a community that promotes the true values ​​of this dance, to bring together schools of Oriental dance in a good quality show.
From the point of view of the organizers, this event had a big significance for the whole community of oriental dance in Romania:
– Organizing the fourth edition of an event that has grown every year and was enjoyed by lovers of the oriental dance world in a time when this dance was at its beginning in Romania, even wrongly promoted in mass-media
– The presence of two choreographers, instructors and world-class dancers in Bucharest, internationally recognized and invited at numerous festivals around the world
– Anastasia Chernovskaya, dancer and world class choreographer, for the first time in Bucharest, redefined and refreshed the basic technique through her unique, dynamic, elegant special style

– Wael Mansour, for the fourth time in Bucharest, the first Egyptian oriental dance teacher, who practically founded the authentic Egyptian style dance in Romania
– 6 oriental dance workshops for different levels of participants, covering a wide range of dance styles that ranged from Egyptian folklore Classical Dance (Raqs Sharki) to modern oriental pop
– A second edition of the Oriental Dream competition with three different categories: professional, adult and group.

– A gala structured in two parts, Open Stage and Gala Show, a varied, complex show with both traditional and modern influences, with specific traditional Egyptian dances (Baladi, Shaabi, Saidi) and moments of classical dance, live percussion, oriental fusion, contemporary oriental fusion, oriental tango, tribal belly dance and dance with accessories
– A positive feedback of the audience, who appreciated the 4th edition of the show as the most qualitative of all editions. Moreover, the public noted the visible progress of oriental dance on the Romanian stage and the very clear difference between the kitsch promoted by the media in Romania and the authentic oriental dance
– New media partners and sponsors who have supported us and helped promote our event in several ways
We hope and believe that the goals of the 4th edition of the Festival Oriental Dream were achieved. It was an edition with many surprises, a difficult edition, but with much joy and satisfaction when it ended, compared to the previous years. The efforts to organize the event were undoubtedly very hard and the ambition and perseverence to reach the fourth edition of this event have proved successful. With very limited financial sponsors and few sponsors, the 4th Edition of the Oriental Dream Festival demonstrated, however, that a dream, an idea born in the hearts of artists who wanted to share the joy of oriental dance with all those who appreciate Egyptian culture became a reality and turned into a successful event!