2013 edition

Following the tradition, the third edition of the Oriental Dream Festival Bucharest, held between the 24th and 26th of May 2013,under the auspices of the Association for the Development of Oriental Dance, had, as special guest once again, the master teacher Wael Mansour.

Spectacol Oriental Dream 2013

Since the first two editions of the festival achieved great success (the gala show in 2011 gathered about 200 lovers of oriental dance and the gala show in 2012 about 400 fans of the oriental culture), the third edition proved to be the most complex event of music and dance with oriental influences, modern and traditional alike.

Gala 2013The dance show Oriental Dream brought on stage moments from the authentic atmosphere of the Egyptian Eastern world, particularly thanks to the traditional performances of the special guest Wael Mansour, a true ambassador of the Egyptian culture. The gala lasted about 2 hours and proved diversity and a high level dance performance and brought together both professional oriental dancers and amateur artists, most of them dance groups from the various oriental dance schools in Bucharest.

We were glad to have a very valuable international presence thanks to Nicoleta (Republic of Moldova) and Cvetina Danova (Bulgaria). The audience enjoyed the performances of the groups Oriental Delight, Mikado Dance, Shakti, the dance pair Felix & Raluca (from Oportunidad Salsa School) and the individual dancers Kamilla, Amira Hayam, Noelia Maysun, Elmas, Aesera, Meira, Aisha, Hadi’ah, Akilah, Andreea, Deea, Hermina del Najah.

Workshop 2013The organisers prepared various dance moments: specific traditional Egyptian dances (baladi, shaabi, hagalla), classical dance Raqs Sharki, dance with accessories (Isis wings, veil, sword, fan veils, cane), drum solo, tabla solo, oriental tango fusion, oriental salsa, tribal fusion, Indian dance and the much awaited surprise offered by Wael Mansour!