2012 edition

The second edition of Oriental Dream Festival Bucharest, held on 26th-27th of May 2012, was a new opportunity to enjoy the presence of the world-renowned master teacher Wael Mansour, characterised by elegance, dedication and professionalism, one of the most beloved teachers, choreographers and performers of Egyptian folklore at present.

Festivalul de dans oriental editia 2012

Gala 2012In the gala show, Wael performed three traditional Egyptian dances: tannoura, mewashahat and nubian. The oriental dance troups Celestial Bellydancers and Oriental Delight, the indian dance troupe Shakti and the dancers Amira Hayam, Kamilla, Noelia Maysun, Ruxy, Elmas, Aesera, Sarani, Aisha and Hadi’ah enjoyed, as well, being on the stage and performing for the audience.

Workshop 2012It was a complex gala show, the audience was taken into the atmosphere of the fascinating 1001 Nights, travelling from the courts of the pharaohs of Egypt to the world of the delightful harems of the sultans. People watched specific traditional Egyptian dances (saidi, baladi, khaleegy), moments of classical dance (raqs sharki), live percussion, dance with accessories (wings, veil and fan veils), drum solo and tabla solo, as well as fusion performances of tango, oriental bolero, tribal fusion and Indian dance.