2011 edition

The first edition of the Oriental Dream Festival Bucharest took place between the 5th and 6th of June 2011 and had Wael Mansour as a special guest. He impressed the participants in the workshops with his natural and unique style, as well as with his clear, well-structured technique, instilling them the joy of dance and music with emphasize upon interpretation and styling.

Festivalul de dans oriental editia 2011
Wael Mansour

The programme of the festival (workshops, show, party and the oriental bazar) gave the participants the opportunity to improve their dance skills, learn new technical elements, combinations, styling, as well as knowledge about the oriental culture and its specific dances.

In the gala show, Wael performed two traditional Egyptian dances – tannoura and dance with double can – impressing the audience with his elegant presence, full of expression and inner light while dancing.

Workshop 2011The 90 minutes show brought on stage, apart Wael’s dynamic performance, The Celestial Bellydancers Group an oriental artists from Romania and Moldova: Kamilla, Amira Hayam, Shams al Din, Nicoleta Certan, Ruxandra Dan, Meira, Aesera, Elmas, Maisa, Alina Ionescu, Anca Motoianu, Delisha, Nadira și Dalal.